Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Siege of Fort Niagara 2023

This is my other JP Ryan jacket in a green ikat. Discovered I had left my caps at home so I splurged and bought a nice new one.

I 3D printed this bobbin at my local library! Absolutely not period correct! 

New make plans - oil cloth capelette to beat the rain. 

Everyone's favorite game, will my car fit through the gate?

Driving up to the fort to unload...

Oggling the repro glass wear. I snagged a green mustard bottle, which aren't pictured because as soon as the bottles were out people were picking them up and holding onto them. 

Here's Dwayne, the rock. I got about 20 minutes away from the fort and realized that I had forgot the ridge pole to my tent. Thank goodness the hardware store was spitting distance from the highway, and I was able to buy and get cut another 2 x 4. I forgot a lot of things this weekend that would have really been nice to have in the rain. Oh, well!


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