Friday, June 1, 2007

premire 2007

ahh... summer.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next year when I don't have summer. Summer is quilting season. And by quilting I don't mean from start to finish, I just mean tops. Last summer I made... oh now let me see... Irish Sticks and Stones, Postage Stamp, Denim Rag, Star Struck, and a Triple Irish Chain. Oh, and there was that other one, what was it, Jewel Box, I think. This litany reads like a coffee house bill of fare or the list of ice cream flavors at the dairy shrine. Jewel Box actually looks like pink and blue cotton candy, or Superman ice cream... I love Superman more than coffee or french roast or latte or what ever the company happens to call their flavor, but coffee ice cream is easier to find than Superman, so it's still my poison of choice.

Fall and winter are knitting season, and if there's space, that's when I quilt, assuming I have the top, the back and optional batting. My mother put a proverbial hex, taboo and padlock on the sewing machine case and forbid me from sewing during the school year. I was never fond of algebra. Don't ask me to figure out sales tax or percentages in my head it's just not going to happen. I understand the abstract concept of numbers, but to hold them and manipulate them raw in my head doesn't work. Geometry was heaven.