About Me

I have an MSeD and hold an active Level 1 PA K-6 elementary certificate, and for the last two years have been substitute teaching in Western Pennsylvania.

Document cameras, Smart or Active boards, Nexus tablets or iPads, Mac or PC, what ever platform your school is using, I have used them all in the classroom.

With funding from a corporation such as Target, Wal-Mart or McDonalds, who offer grants for teachers, or an application for a sponsored set, I would like to try implimenting something in a 4th or 5th grade class called walking classroom into my language arts block. I believe the walking component is important not only for kinestetic learners, but to get a classroom moving that might otherwise be sedentary for the day. I have done this several times with two different classes as a substitute and the students really looked forward to it; it was one of their favorite parts of the day, especially during the winter when we could not go out for recess due to extreme cold.

Science and history? I can bring both subjects to life with living history demonstrations of the French and Indian War, American Revolution and more. If my father, a geologist, is unable to come in himself, I have access to his private collection, one of the finest in Northwestern PA. My students will not be looking at pictures in a book but the real thing, and quality specimines at that.

There is a program with the Fish and Boat commission called Trout in the Classroom, which has cirriculum applications for grades 3-12 in ecology, science, mathematics, social studies, language and fine arts, and physical education by raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings, to be released into an approved waterway. Other states have similar programs. Space permitting, I will utilize such a program and integrate it into the math cirriculum, and possibly the science as well.  I will also be bringing along an improved meyer lemon. All I ask is a window in my classroom. Well, and 4 seasons climate control.

My students say that I'm fun; I tell them the secret to having fun [or carrying on] is not to get carried away.

Something else you should know about me is that I am a trained opera singer. I build furniture in my spare time. I preserve jelly and jam and a wicked tasty peach salsa. 

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