Finished Quilts

Breathing a sigh of relief because these are done!

  So. Quilts that I can find relevant posts to link to have links. Those that don't have a blurb.

Star of Bethlehem
A benefit for St. Mark's Episcopal, Millcreek, PA

So I didn't actually make this. One Sunday morning shortly after I moved back in with my parents, my mom and were headed to church together. Except that my mom got it in her head that we needed to be there at 11, and the service started at 10, so rather than be grossly late, we did a quick search of places with an 11AM service, and drove up to St. Mark's in East Millcreek. And they happened to be selling raffle tickets for a quilt. So I bought one [a raffle ticket, I mean]. 
My mother can't get over the fact that I won this sight-unseen with just one ticket because she made us late to church.
And I said, 'See, this is what we get for being late to church'.
The dear lady who made this was pretty happy another quilter was getting it.

Grandma's Daisies 

British Invasion

Panetone Chip

Mini Single Irish Chain


The Kaleidoscope

Completed summer of 2014.
I saw a project with this layout at the Westminster Quilt Show in Erie, PA, but alas, did not have a picture of it to guide my layout process.

09/06/12 It is top priority currently to finish as a Christmas gift for some friends. 

11/3/12 - was told by the Backroom Quilters that they'd string me up by my ankles if I gave this away. So I made "Ordinary Time" for these friends instead.



  String Theory


 Pandora's Box

This happy little friend was finished over the summer of 2014.


Sarah's Gypsy Throw

  Attic Windows

finished 6/27/2013

This top was made by my uncle's mother, who died before she was able to quilt it. [I think this might be a chronic quilter problem - so many tops, so little time]. I'll be seeing him in a few weeks, so I'll be able to hand it to him in person rather than send it in the mail, which I feel is a little safer to do given the nature of this kind of item. 

Ordinary Time

finished 12/24/12, 6:35 PM

This was a Christmas gift for friends. I was really cutting it close to the wire. 

Star Struck


I got the instructions for Star Struck
over at Quiltville. Thanks, Bonnie. 

"Am I Blue?", 2008

For my friend, Lizza, meant as a "feel better after your second open heart surgery in two summers", ended as an early "Congratulations on graduating from Pharmacy School!!!" It lives with her now, and her dog, Parker.

"Purple X 10 Charms = A Quilt", 2011

Triple Irish Chain, 2007 [?]

This one no longer lives at my grandmother's house; at the time she saw it and said, "If you don't like it, I'll take it!" She wasn't being serious; she said as much later when, at Christmas, she unwrapped it. I had no idea what I was doing when I quilted this, and it shows. She returned it to me when they moved.

Baby Gifts 

Lila, Finished 7/5/2013

Zac and Ian, 2008

I made these for my cousin's twin boys in 2008. They were living in Britain at the time, and I found, at a quilt shop in Kent, Ohio, the King Arthur and his Knights fabric. Which was just too perfect.  I was also interning, and had no internet access, and no time to blog.


Still another cousin's baby blanket. They live in a colder climate, so I made sure to put batting in this one. It's a little bigger than a standard crib quilt. I hope they like it...

Adeline, 2010

This was for a different-than-the-two-above cousin's baby. I had run out of fabric for the first attempt, and by the time I figured that out, the baby had been born, we knew it was a girl... So I pulled something together fast, thanks to a charm pack and instructions over at Oh, Franson! for a super fast, super cute baby blanket. Alas, this is the only photo I have of it, but this is pretty well how it turned out. Everyone was happy.

This one, I have come to find out, was lost/stolen in the mail. blinkity*#@> > >:[

This ended up being for Adeline. She calls it her Sunshine Checkers. 


Owen's room had a Nile River theme, so I made a Nile River quilt for him, complete with a cartouche of his name. Lest anyone be confused about who it belongs to.  

Amanda, 2012

Not for cousins! This was a gift for my friends, David and Megan, for their first baby, who is just about the cutest baby ever. Another slightly larger than crib, I wanted them to be able to use it after the baby grew out of infancy.

This is a traditional Jewel Box square, rotated to form a chain pattern.

There are at least three other blankets I've made for babies, but I don't have pictures of them.