Thursday, September 27, 2007

the next greatest thing

Two posts in one day, what is the world coming to?

I haven't got OW completely pieced, and I have my next project all lined up:

OMG, gorgeous…!!! doesn't hurt being a Jane Austin fan either!

with a will...

I have a history test in an hour, and I still have to pull myself together for that...

Am very excited about stage craft- we're starting our first project on Friday, huzzah! Power tools are so much fun!

Ocean Waves is stalled right now beause I have been super busy with, surprise, the musical on campus. I have one half of the quilt finished, it's just all in random shaped rectanlge and square pieces waiting to be put together. Somehow in this process I have lost every single straight pin that I own so at the tale end of the last work I did on it, I was using sharps and very large tweeners. What a pain. Somewhere I saw pins with glo-in-the-dark heads, and I think that would be genious, especially given my track record.

The professor for the aforementioned test has a list of public service/community awareness things we have to do, and if I get this quilt done, I might just enter it in the art contest he's got listed. I don't remember all the specifics, but it has something to do with anti-racism. I would probably have to submit something with the quilt about why I submitted it, and I have a few good reasons for that. I just need some time to do it! and some pins...

I also just joined the Irish hiking scarf knit along. next time I get into town, I'll have to pick up some supplies. Oh darn, that means yarn shopping...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The missing piece

It's a little crisp this morning, but that is to be expected in September in the Northeast.

I started out the sewing machine to patch a pair of jeans initially. they're pretty worn out, and I need a crappy pair for Stage craft anyway- we're doing a "lab" with power tools today- and why wear a nice pair that doesn't have holes? Now they look like those trendy ones you can by brand new that are already distressed, the kind I don't have money for, and wouldn't want anyway. The hard work was done! There's no great story involved like, well, the rip in the knee was from this hiking trip... anyway, I digress.

I was poking around in the scrap bin and what should I find but the large sea foam triangles that went missing a few weeks ago. Huzzah! Production can begin again.

And I found the fabric for the dog bed. That'll have to wait for another day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the end of completion

I was leafing through my photo album last night, looking at all the empty slots for pictures and thinking that now the England and Paris scrap book is over, I can fill in the pages with other stuff from school, like my senior recital and all that stuff, sort of a photo portfolio, plus programs of the stuff I did, if I have extra (since performers really should have a portfolio, just like art majors…) and I discovered the White Tower… and the Tower Bridge, and… could that be the tower housing Big Ben and the Houses of Parlaiment?, and oh no, there's the Beef Eater tour guide and Traitor's gate. Looks like it isn't done after all. Alas.

I miss London. It's such a beautiful city. Much cleaner than Paris. Paris got nasty gross.

So that meant stopping after an appointment at the craft store, where I got extra page protectors… and then I saw all the little Jolie's and I though oh why not, I'll just grab some stuff and start my senior recital page; the piano with the lights and the sheet music, the sparkley music notes (why can't they just be black, eh?) and a little white dress, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be a flower girl's or a bride's or something, but mom and grams always said I could get married in that dress anyway.

And then I saw that they had music paper. Ugh and a sigh. This project means an e-mail to my lovely accompanist, to see if she has any pictures, and a new scrap book…

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Go Jane!

My best friend A was in town this weekend, she's been off and away at the Grad School. So the two of us spent Saturday together doing what we do: going shopping and watching Chick Flicks. I had to get material for my obi, and I settled on a pale orchid purple. I got a few other pieces, too, that I didn't exactly need, and enough paper to keep a doctoral theses alive. The yukata jst needs to be hemmed, and the obi sewn, and it will be finished.

We saw Becoming Jane. It was wonderful, fairly accurate and slightly depressing. A was certain that the amount of kissing that went on in the film wasn't the least bit accurate for the time. I argued that it was improprietous, née scandalous, to mention anything concerning, heaven forbid, a fiery romance. Just because they didn't write about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Case in point, the two of us were living and breathing, the details of which, especially at that time, were not polite for conversation, civil or otherwise. A laughed and said I was probably right. I knew that Austin had never married, and I was very glad that the film makers decided against changing history. As Wistley said, the good seldom have a happy ending. Sigh.