The Craftsty Info

I don't really have a 'day job' at the moment - during the school year, it's what ever local school district needs a substitute teacher that day. I remain ever hopeful that there is a permanent position out there for me. Please see my About Me page

Despite what's happening around me, these are the tools of my trade:

... a Singer Merritt 4552 sewing machine Got her from a friend whose mother swore she never took it out of the box, but somehow it wouldn't work. Or it was dropped. Something. Anyway, $15 for a missing part later, and she's been humming along merrily ever since.

... a Brother VX-1120 keeps me limping along when Merritt is being temperamental. Brother is good for piece work.

... a Huskylock 560 ED! I was trolling websites for used machines and had finally made a decision to buy a second hand Singer that day, but as it happens, someone, just five minutes earlier had brought in their family member's old machines. So I got the Huskylock for the price of the used Singer. Love, love, love the Huskylock. If only I had the time to take a class about sergers...

... a Craftsman circular saw. This is literally all I know about this device. It's a circular saw. It's a Craftsman. It also cuts through things faster than if I was using a hand saw, so what ever it takes to keep it going.

... a Kreg jig. Another 'this is all I know about this'. It has a name, and it was a kit, and it came with a bunch of screws. 

... a Singer treadle sewing machine!!! More on this later. It works, but it has the original leather belt, and that needs to be replaced with something a little less temperamental 

I knit, but I don't crochet [where, seriously, do you stick the hook?], and when I knit, I prefer to do so on a circular needle, so I don't have to worry about losing one of the pair.