Friday, November 19, 2010

it was my first one, it was too small. it didn't fit you at all.

but you wore it just the same. yes, it's knitting-in-time-for-Christmas. I'm actually sitting here and casting on as I type, which will make the journaling slow going... but I garnered insight into a particular knitting situation. Two kids, siblings. I was going to knit a fish and a cupcake, but then the heavenly choir sang and the coin dropped and I remembered... they both love cats. and would probably wear cat hats more readily than a cupcake or a fish. Duh Zara. Cat hats it is. way easier? mayhaps. we'll see.

I love Advent and Christmas. Really. (and yes, there's a but coming)


let's leave but hanging in the air there. like the princess and the tiger, but has more than one ending.
I like to believe in benign endings.