Sunday, April 21, 2013

the 3 rivers quilt show, 2013.

I've blogged extensively lately about the saga-drama of my life, as drama is about all I've had time for. I've squeaked some other things in there ... here and there... occasionally... okay, rarely...  one of the squeaks was the 3 Rivers Quilt Show of 2013, sponsored by the 3 Rivers Quilt Guild, which was at the end of March, the weekend of the 22nd.

This is what's called a medallion quilt - a motif is featured in the center and surrounded by a design. In this case, the medallion is appliqued daffodils, surrounded by the traditional Storm at Sea patchwork motif, worked in orange, yellow and green. 

This is actually partially responsible for making me want to do a quilt with my students. 

This is an example of a tessellation - usually I hate cat tessellations, but this one was well orchestrated.  

I liked the color play in this one, which did not translate well to a photograph.


I hate to say that I didn't see much at the show that I found inspiring this year, but there you have it. That my work is better, worse or on par with what I saw represented, I cannot say, as there were not that many hand quilters that chose to show their work. There is a piece in my closet that needs to be photographed, and when I have photographs, it will be ready for entry next year. Hopefully, the hexagon quilt will also be ready, as the quilting is almost complete, and next year's theme is hexagons.

Given what I saw last year, I wouldn't have expected to see a quilt with blue jeans represented among the larger quilts; there did seem to be fewer large entries this year, and more smaller pieces. Curious to see what will be entered next year.

I did discover, as I browsed the vendors, that there was in fact a quilt shop near The Cutest School Ever. Why this didn't come up when I did a Google search before my tenure started, I'm not sure.

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