In The Works

You know. It's all the stuff you work on when you should probably be out there being responsible and sweeping off the patio, or washing the car or whatever else. 

Cathedral Windows Rag
b. 8/2017

Japonaisma Bunnies
b. 8/2017

b. 7/2017

Rockets Red Glare

3 Tours
b. 7/2017

 Orange Marmalade

there is no relevant post about this. oops.
lyd, chief quality control Truman, quality control assistant

Tops not already sandwiched

Rhythm and Blues

 This was in a quilt magazine... I can't remember which. Glad to use up some of the fabrics I already had stashed away. It would be ready to quilt, except that I lost one of the border strips.


Cheerful Child

This was supposed to be a gift for someone. I even took machine quilting lessons to help expedite the completion process, and then I learned that I had evening classes the week I scheduled to quilt the top, so I had to cancel. And then when I approached having  some free time, I ended up with a migraine headache for the rest of the summer [26 days in a row], and when we finally got it to break, school started, so there was no cashing in, so to speak, on the lessons. I may just have to send it out to have it finished by someone else if I ever want it done.

Granny Squares, no priority

This one had a tumultuous piecing, but it's finally finished, and waiting it's turn to be quilted.



 1930's Blue and White, no priority 

I have to research quilts from the 1930'a, but I suspect the back will be white, the binding will probably be a solid blue and the batting a cotton. This top was $5 at a garage sale. I will hand quilt it, if I ever get to it.

Autobiographical Sampler, no priority

I got the idea to make this from a quilt magazine that I've since lost. I think this is the second quilt I ever attempted, after moving on from a straight lines charm quilt. Nothing I made from this is the same size, so there was quite a bit of monkeying to get it all to fit together; in fact, when I photographed it, I found a few more places that need some attention

Amazing how things metamorphose

Mystery Quilt-not-so-Much

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