Wednesday, August 20, 2014

June July and August

And that's three more for the road. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pony paradise.

Beware of little girls and my little pony.
Of course, I was one of those little girls, once upon a time... Oh, who am I kidding?

 Dire consequences have been threatened if ponies are gifted to children of my acquaintance, consequences for the ponies anyway. But really. I wouldn't do that. The ponies don't deserve that. As of late, much fun has been had in lining up the ponies for a 'Miss Equestria' competition. Similar fun was had making custom ponies from Fauxnies found at the thrift store. 

For example, this little blue Fauxnie was turned into a Percy Jackson. He's a little runty compared to the other ponies, and the girls are quick to point out that his hooves don't look like the other boy ponies.

This was my first ever attempt at creating a custom pony, though I have a lot of first generation '80's ponies picked up at garage sales in my youth that could be considered bait, or prime candidates for makeover. We got acrylic paint from the craft show, and I got some translucent polymer clay, and baked the clay on the pony as other customizers have suggested (which worked out pretty well) and then painted over the clay prosthetics with several slightly thinned layers of acrylic.

And by bake, I mean guy went into the oven at what ever the bake temp on the packet recommended for the length of time recommended, while I hovered at the oven door, watching for singed blue hair.  And those hooves aren't going anywhere. :D