Tuesday, October 30, 2007

long silences

September 27 was the last known communication from me... And I can totally explain.

I was in a show on campus. Not just a show, a musical, whee!! "The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd" We had a great time, we got nominated for some awards, fantastic-ness. now if I could only convince the assistant sage manager I am not interested in him...

I started working on the Irish hiking scarf about a month ago as something to do while sitting around during rehersals. The first eight inches or so were fine, but by the time I added another ten inches, the sides of the scarf had begun to curl. Hmm... Not entirely happy with this turn of events, I ripped the whole thing out, and have started a hat with three baby cables. I had made myself a baby pink wool hat a few semesters ago, and a matching scarf, but it has gone missing. No doubt one of the school mates took a shine to it. Back to the scarf, I'm going into the city today, and I'm going to stop at the store and try to pick up coordinating yarn for a new scarf to match a hat that we already have lying around in the coat closet.

Much better than personal projects are school sanctioned projects. For a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at my school, there is some kind of creative contest. The prof said we could do what ever we wanted, as long as it expressed something to do with MLK Jr. and what his work means to us. So I'm making a quilt. Soft sculpture.