Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the end of completion

I was leafing through my photo album last night, looking at all the empty slots for pictures and thinking that now the England and Paris scrap book is over, I can fill in the pages with other stuff from school, like my senior recital and all that stuff, sort of a photo portfolio, plus programs of the stuff I did, if I have extra (since performers really should have a portfolio, just like art majors…) and I discovered the White Tower… and the Tower Bridge, and… could that be the tower housing Big Ben and the Houses of Parlaiment?, and oh no, there's the Beef Eater tour guide and Traitor's gate. Looks like it isn't done after all. Alas.

I miss London. It's such a beautiful city. Much cleaner than Paris. Paris got nasty gross.

So that meant stopping after an appointment at the craft store, where I got extra page protectors… and then I saw all the little Jolie's and I though oh why not, I'll just grab some stuff and start my senior recital page; the piano with the lights and the sheet music, the sparkley music notes (why can't they just be black, eh?) and a little white dress, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be a flower girl's or a bride's or something, but mom and grams always said I could get married in that dress anyway.

And then I saw that they had music paper. Ugh and a sigh. This project means an e-mail to my lovely accompanist, to see if she has any pictures, and a new scrap book…

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