Wednesday, January 9, 2008

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do? we just keep swimming…

well last week was the push to got all the pieces sewn together and have one finished, complete top. Mission accomplished.
When I bought the sea foam green (which, incidentally, matches the living room carpet) I had done some rudimentary math and figured I needed a yard and a half - at least, I think that's the number I came up with- for the squares and large triangles along the edge. At any rate, I was standing in the shop and realized I had forgotten to include borders and binding. The shopkeeper sold me the entire bolt, which I think origionally totaled 4 yards, it's by Moda™, under the blackbird quilting line. I was going to do a pinwheel border, but I discovered a bunch of presewn units stuffed in a forgotten corner. I think what I've got now is Broken Dishes. By some happy accident I cut the first sashing larger than I intended. It accomodates the Dishes perfectly.
there's old Bill, of course, constant kitty quilter assistant and quality control the Dishes border is kind of visible in the top part of the picture- it's a Kodak EasyShare I'm working with, so the resolution isn't great.

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