Saturday, September 18, 2010

a life in miniature

Because this is the kind of absolute geek I am.

The image on the right is the not-exactly-finished version of the final product, which is on the right. The zipper(yes, recycled from a shot pair of blue jeans) is flamingly obvious, unlike what I suspect is a hidden zipper on the origional uniforms. The emblem on the uniform was crafted out of sculpy... this before I got a hold of the Hallmark relased the ship insignias, perfect size for these girls. The lady on the left, a blatant reference to Kathryn Janeway, is the historical and soon to be retired Felicity Merriman, and the little black toes peeking out from the pant hems are her colonial buckle shoes. After all, no self respecting captain would show up on her bridge in a pair of black socks and mary janes. With any luck, I will be able to find or craft a pair of black boots to complete the ensemble, and I'll be sure to order some extras and complete uniforms for the other departments. I did find what were labled as go-go boots on  doll clothier's website, which would serve to outfit someone of Kirk's era, but I would have to do a little more research on that dress before I made one.

BUT WAIT! I hear you say. You- no, not you, so stop worrying. The other one, the even geekier than I am Star Trek fan over there. You say I can't stop with Janeway? What about Dr. Crusher? What about Counselor Troi, Kira Nerys, Be'Elanna Torres, Jadzia Dax, Seven of Nine---?

Ugh. My brain hurts. I could fill the shoes of four of those characters. And for some of them there is the issue of prostetics, and how I would pull the look off without the doll needing major facial reconstruction. I've got my hands full of Colonial, Regency, Civil war, Victorian and '40's era attire patterns. And a pile of Black Watch plaid waiting to be turned into a miniature kilt. I've got the white West Highland terrier... now where am I going to find a tiny set of gillies, a glengary and... bagpipes?

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