Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pack up your life in cardboard boxes

So the baby bunkie is stalled because I've either run out of one of the fabrics, or like a total fool, I packed that necessary bit away in a suitcase that is now sitting in storage. *headdesk* I'm likely on my way to pick up some more plastic storage bins, having no more cardboard boxes in the house and wanting to get a move on things. I hate moving. And further likely, I'll be moving twice in the next four months. I think I'd hate it less if I had less stuff. Most of it is art or craft related; acrylic paints, brushes, knitting needles, a portman of fabric, beads, wire... I haven't purchassed anything in the last three months, but somehow artstuff keeps finding me. And now I keep finding it, and discovering how disorganized I really am. I don't need an art bin, I need a freekin' tool chest. One of those big red ones you see rolling down a flight of stairs in a movie. Just for art supplies. I read about people who have art/craft command centers, based around a piece of furniture. I used to have one, in a Hoosier I was attempting to strip [So not worth it - built in the 30's of ash and poplar, not oak]. I was going to sell the Hoosier. Have since changed my mind; I don't know how I got along with out it's two overhead cubbies, the two shallow but long drawers under the enameled worksurface, the cavernous cabinet below. Le Sigh. And where the flour despenser would have been, it can hold not one but two sewing machines which can be hidden by a roll down.

So in the realm of packing, we're down to the personal of personal effects, framed art, flotsam and jetsam and lots of clothing. Ugh. This too shall pass.

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