Friday, March 25, 2011

insane insanity

Am setting out on an insane quest to creat a duvet cover for a full comforter out of the following materials:

*1 Martha Stewart Everyday yellow pinstripe queen flat sheet (100% cotton) - thrift store, $2
(Matching Martha Stewart pillow cases, $3 at same thriftstore. Go figure, right?)
*1 Room Essentials solid butter yellow queen size ultra soft flat sheet (100% cotton) Target, $13 [about] Came in a doofy little yellow fabric bag.
*1/2 yard Joann Keepsake Calico blue multi-dot
*33" of some grass green polkadot on white fabric I found in the remnant bin (50%)
*1 fat quarter (18"x22" - 1/4 yard cut fat ways instead of selvage to selvage) of pale green plaid
*1 fat quarter of a mostly tomato-y red dense floral.
God I hope I bought enough fabric!!!!! 0_o

I am attempting to do this in a mad wild rush because the house I'm living in is going on the market... and people will be walking through the house... and I can't use one of my plain old quilts because "it will detract from the space". So I'm trying to make a duvet on the cheap, and fast, so that it's also something I can stand living with through this showing process.

Finding the buttery yellow sheets at the thrift store for such a low price is actually a little of a boon. It's still early spring, and the comforter isn't quite enough, even if I'm wearing fleece pajamas. Having put away the rest of the quilts, I left out a twin sized "Rosie Stripe" [it could have been "Rosie's Stripe]quilt made by Arizona Jeans Co. that I bought with Christmas money, way back in early high school (I'm coming up on the 10 year reunion). Now I wish I would have gone for a full, but that's hindsight for you. In any case, the greens and the yellows are the same, so they won't clash terribly. Which is rather what you're going for when selling the house.
I did rip the stitching out of both of the sheets... The MS sheet was sewn with those wonderful seams that pull apart - very satisfying. The RE sheet... hello straight stitching. Ugh. If I hadn't found the MS sheet for $2 at the thrift store-- Okay, yes, you're right, I could have gone with a king size for the back, but I was thinking in terms of useable fabric and not wasting too much. And queens are cheaper than kings. Cheap, cheap, cheap, talk a lot, pick a little more. Ended up having to wash on a full hour cycle all the fabric. Thank you, fancy-schmancy electric display washer. I miss my mother's Maytag, the kind where you could skip the wash and just do rinse and spin... It will all need ironing, especially the sheets, to get the creases out from the fold over seams. Retrospectively, it's probably best that I washed the thrift store sheets. *pause to check the wash, iron all the wrinkles out of the fabric*

night time

I discovered two things about this project. First of all, when I measured my comforter, I forgot that it was slightly longer than wide, so at 12:45 [this would be AM, when clearly I'm not on my A game] when I finally got the bulk of the duvet sewn together and the comforter stuffed inside, it "didn't fit" But I was tired, so I went to bed and dreamed strange dreams and woke up at the far saner hour of 8:45 to tackle the button placket for the closure and figure out how it went wrong. So it's wider than long, I stuffed it in the wrong way. Thing #2 - the colors are slightly off in the sunlight. I thought it looked a little funny in the incandescent light of my room, but brushed it off as exhaustion. Nope, the yellow is too yellow for the rest of the fabrics. Maybe not the tomato. But the stripes aren't wide enough for the scale of the project or they are too far apart or... Or what I don't know, but it needs something. I need to percolate on that one.

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