Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been one of those weeks. Yesterday I discovered my car was broken into, today I locked myself out of the house with out my phone... ugh. I'm trying to come up with something to do with 20 antsy first grade students and I'm at a total loss, despite hours of combing through the internet for ideas. Speaking of antsy, here's something we did last week:
It's the end of a nylon sock filled with sawdust and grass seed. My ninja cyclops monster. The googly eyes came in the kit - yes, kit - and the mask is Sharpie'd on. I'm not exactly at whit's end with these kids, it's more that the projects we were assigned to do don't take the full time period to complete, so you have to come up with something else that won't deplete the small amount of supplies on hand meant for other projects and to top it off, despite our requests to be put in class rooms WITHOUT carpeting... yeah. And the only paint we have is acrylic. Some got spilled on a carpet last week and the janitorial staff flipped out. So no more paint projects, unless we take the kids outside - almost hottest summer on record! - and we can't finish all the kiln fired glazing projects because we're already backlogged. Well, I have to fold laundry, yay! Stay cool out there, love from the Hobbit Hole.

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