Thursday, October 20, 2011

settlers vom katan

you know those ridiculous "aha!" ideas you get every once in a while?

I've seen cookies. I've seen pizza. I've seen projects inspired by the game. But I haven't seen a fabric version of the game Settlers of Catan. Which makes perfect sense to me - the cardboard bits are shifty, and what would be more perfect than a mat with Velcro to secure the pieces onto? Or better still, a piece of blue, watery flannel, and the fabric tiles backed in flannel to keep them from sliding around. I'd use bits of grosgrain ribbon for the road. But I haven't gotten as how to handle the villages and towns, or the numbers for the middle of the tiles. Buttons?

Actually, what got me thinking of it was the pre-cut hexagon charm packs at the store. Not that that one could find a pre-cut charm pack with fabric of brick, rock, trees, sheep and wheat. But I'm on the look out. They would have to be instantly recognizable, so after some web searching, I came up with the following as ideas for a basic starter game:

brick (clay)

again with the trees
pebbles (for ore)

red brick
more trees for wood

birch (wood)

more trees

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