Monday, November 7, 2011

coming into the finish line.

as an assessment of the semester, we're far from being done yet, but there are only three or four more weeks of class left. But I'm feeling like I got hit with something in the shins. Man down!

I took a little time yesterday to go to the Quilt Company East guild show. I feel like I missed a large chunk of the show - there's no way I saw 140 quilts yesterday, even if some of them were three dimensional fiber forms. And I totally missed the Martha Washington guild show in Washington... but after the events of Friday, I wasn't about to take another jaunt in the country.

*We pause for a moment to interest Lydia Kitty in a game in the kitchen where the linoleum floor allows mousie to move with decided alacrity*

P.A. Farmer's Market 2009,  G.B., Jeanette
Beach Balls, J.B., Penn Hills

Josh's Quilt

detail. that's my thumb.

                                                                          Phoenix Rising, G.B., Wilkensburg

                         East Indian Rain Music, J.J., Oakmont

Peripatetic Album

Detail, Peripatetic, J.S., Export
Murphy's Lap, A.D., Squirrel Hill


Color Full Trees, M.B., Penn Hills

                          My Favorite Color - N.O., Murrysville

N.Y. Beauty loves Silky Fabrics, E.S., Pgh.

This was from the Show Challenge. The fabric they incorporated for the challenge is featured in the center of the prize rosette.

 Second runner up, Challenge category:
Lost in the Badlands, T.M., Greensburg

Nature's Triple Play
A.H., Pittsburgh, NTP

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