Tuesday, July 31, 2012

status migrainious

four graduate classes and a migraine meltdown later, I am arrived on the other side of the summer! Day 14 with the migraine, but we're working on that.

looking back at what I want this blog to be about, and what I've actually been doing with my life, I see things being very disperate. In the first place, there simply hasn't been time. For much of anything. Except graduate school, and navigating the ins-and-outs of trying to get out of graduate school with a good transcript, a diploma in hand and my sanity in tact. So my blog, I thought, should have been about graduate school, the financial hardships I encountered, and the ways I found to aleviate some of those problems. The graduate student advocate.

I have two semesters left. I'm not sure if this summer caused me to loose focus yet or not. My body is physically revolting; my weightloss and fitness goals, any hopes for a [brief] on-the-cheap roadtrip and a gangbusters quilt-a-thon have been waylaid by my mutinous brain, and the tension effected muscles in my back. The spirit is willing, the flesh is saying "Nope. And you can't make me." With that in mind, I've been culling the blogsphere for projects that I'd like to tackle, but feel like they're more of a pipedream given present circumstances, and others than sound like they might be do-able in my present circumstances. Now, if I could only get over the sudden and irrational fear of the sewing machine...

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