Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer, do.

Story time later. Pictures now. I'm quiting the Lazy Daisy, and all that's left to go is the outermost ring of flowers and the accompanying sashing.

quilt sammich... mmm sammiches

"You're sure you're doing this right?"

Hairy S. Truman, QC. [my brother's cat] So helpful.

somewhere between 8 -10 stitches to the inch...?

And a little closer for some details, which may or may not actually align with the origional. Some of the quilting was done with pearle cotton, so it's a little more obvious in a photograph.

I was thinking of entering this in a show, but all the forms say something about no pets or stains... we'll see. I did spill some coffee on one of the squares. Maybe it'll come out. The cats love rolling all over it. The batting gives off a very unusual odor I've never encountered before. Since it's so close to being done I can live with it for now. Some of the sashing and blocks didn't exactly line up - points against show entry - and I didn't make a template for the stitching, I just put some pins in and eyeballed centerpoints for the diamonds, so further demerits on skance diamonds. Otherwise it looks really nice. A good washing should rid it of the strange smell, and hopefully the coffee stains.

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