Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a little bird house in your terrarium

The 3rd annual Point Breeze Yard Sale is this coming weekend, and my friend, who lives in PB, is having a yard sale. Or more accurately, her mother is having a yard sale.

When one is at the right place at the right time, one happens to be the beneficiary of many free things. Like an epic candle holder for her non-working fireplace. [Never mind that she already shoved a book case in there and has it full of books and vignettes. This was one of those things that brain said "you will have occasion to use this, or lend it out, don't pass it up.]

Seriously. I couldn't pass that up. Especially with a price tag of "FREE". Now I just need some pillar candles.

Also, one gets to poke around in the yard sale offerings well ahead of time. And takes home a bird house necklace. Which, with the help of of a popsicle stick and a little wood glue, is then turned into a feature item for the terrarium.

.... which also desperately needed to be hacked away at with a machete scissors. [Someone also brought home a watering can on waxed string, but it's still in her car, hanging from the rear view mirror.]
And now, after a little TLC, the terrarium is a little more cleaned out, plus a bird house.

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