Friday, March 21, 2014

Doll hospital.

All the nekkid baby dolls have found their way to the nursery. Also know as doll Gitmo. Children are unkind to the dolls here... Unless there's a new sibling coming, at which time the child in question is very careful about how to hold a doll, and said child will usually be found rummaging in the diapers because 'baby needs change'. (This lasts about a month)

Otherwise... These dolls never stood a chance. From the 'bad' doll who had an arm almost ripped off to every baby held upside down while someone tried to snip off their fake eyelashes with the safety scissors they managed to squirrel away from the supply cabinet. No chance. At all. 

After working there for about a month and a half, I got very tired of nekkid dolls. So one by one they disappear from the nursery for a bath, surgery if necessary, and a fitting. 
The dress pattern for the two dolls [left] is from Ravelry; it's the Kaia Baby Dolly pattern by Rachel Evans.
The sweater didn't turn out the way the pattern and accompanying picture suggested it would... this could have been me missing some stitches somewhere. It's called Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss. Both patterns are free ravelry downloads.

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