Monday, April 7, 2014

String theory

At the quilt show last  year I bought this bag of scraps that included stings of skinny strips that had been sewn together. My initial impression was to make a wall hanging. Except that, inevitably, I ended up saving my own skinny strips... because a string quilt would be great. Add it to the bucket list.

I have a friend who has made it her goal to be able to pack her life in her station wagen. At the time of that conversation, I knew I had a lot of stuff in my place. I knew there was no way I could pack my life into my new car. To that end, I've been trying not to buy extraneous things, and weed through my life - if something comes, something must go. As for new fabric, I'm trying not to buy any, to use what I have laying around to finish a project [she says as she comes home from this years quilt show with about 8 yards of assorted shirting material...] I did not come home with 8 new spools of ribbon... I'm quite proud of this.

 But seriously. Quilts travel better than fabric. I did buy the grey, to tie it all together; everything else is pulled out of storage or left over from previous projects. This does, however, mean that I am in desperate need of thread. Spools of thread are small though.

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