Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fun games for school - Alibi

A less than classic who-dunnit? this nonetheless has participants practice their listening and storytelling skills. Did I mention this is rather fun for grown-ups to play also?

You will need at least five players.

One person is chosen as the detective and departs for a nearby but out of earshot location while the rest of the group remains in the area of play. The remaining players must decide what sort of crime has been committed and some minor details surrounding the crime, and establish whom the guilty party is. Each of the remaining players then comes up with an alibi for their whereabouts at the time the crime was committed. 

Once the whithertos and whyfors are established, the detective returns to the area of play to learn that a crime [and do tell them what crime] has been committed. For older players, in 20 questions or less, it's their job to figure out whodunnit.

For younger players, the detective asks for alibis from each person, and  might be easier for the guilty party's story to change slightly, for example, when questioned about where they were, this player could say 'I was at the doctors', and at a second line of questioning, they were 'at the dentist'. With a classroom full of participants, it's the detective's job to remember that one story has changed slightly, and remember whose story has changed.

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