Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ocean waves

I've created a mess on the front porch. It looks like my fabric stash blew up, and while I like it that way, as I can see everything at a glance and know what I've got, my mother is not such a fan. And yes, I can't blame her. Progress is slow on many fronts.

the green stool is no longer green. I got most of the paint off it, there's just clumps here and there that are stubborn. Its coming, I just wish it were done already because I've been working on it all summer.

my cousin sent a photo of the baby quilt I made her son. I thought I had that taken care of, but I wasn't able to find and evidence of it. whoops.

I got binding for the Irish quilt. This weekend will be the perfect time to take care of that. Craft shows are just such fun...

And then there's the ocean waves. I did a quilt last summer in scraps and odd pieces

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