Sunday, July 1, 2007


I was interrupted last time. I already have a blog elsewhere. But it's not specifically for my work, it's more a log of life. I've been trying to update it with my journal from England. I sent post cards home, I wrote of trains and Paris galleries. Now if only there was a special someone to drag over there with me... alas.

I bought a skein of yarn from a shop in Wells, Somerset, England. It's raspberry pink, it's wool, and it matches harmoniously with a scarf I bought the first day I was there. England was experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, but I used that scarf the whole time I was there. The body is raspberry pink and black celtic knots, and the pannels at the ends are cream and tan, zoomorphic birds. The wool is for a hat to match, as one cannot possibly live near Lake Erie and expect to survive the winter with out a hat. Or five. I'd like to try intarsia, but I may get too cold or too impatient and just knit the hat and be done with it. I paid £1.25 for the skein, it was in the bargain bin.

There was a fabric shop in Canterbury, Kent, England. It was just a chain store, not like the yarn shop in Wells, but they had fabric, and they had a remnant table. I couldn't afford anything at £10 a yard. There were two pieces of blue batik that I couldn't leave sitting there. Collectively, that bill came to £5 something. I try not to think in terms of the American dollar, which meant I had paid $10 something American for fabric I probably could have gotten here in the States for a lot cheaper… but how often are you in England??* $2.50 for a skein of high quality wool is a little easier to swallow. I'll make a kitty pi with the left overs.

Just what is kitty pi? That is kitty pi.

looks like this is going to be cut short again…c'est la vie.

*don't answer that question of you have family you see there every summer, or you are swimming in money and can afford to go on a whim.

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