Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ocean waves is lying in pieces about the living room. Doc says I have bronchitis, so all I'm good for momentarily is coughing and laying around in my pajamas. Thank God school hasn't started yet, or I'd be dead.

I had two other projects I wanted to do this summer, and I'll be darned if I can find either of them. The one hasn't even been cut yet, its still in the yardage phase. I got two pieces of batik fabric in England this summer, and I can't find the rest of the batik stash. The other project was a purple charm quilt. It was a chain letter, and I did it because I love getting *not* junk mail, and for the fun of seeing where the fabric might come from. I know some people look down their noses at such things, because "God knows where the fabric might come from", ie, not from an exclusive designer like Moda, God forbid trash be run through the pristine bernina or viking. But seriously. Prewash it. Re-cut everything if you must, sew it up and give it to Project Linus, or the local women's shelter, or donate it for a raffel to benefit a cause you support. Someone, somewhere in this world would love to have a warm blanket. Or a quilt, even though they know nothing about the craft. I understand the why and the what concerning quality fabric. However, I'm a college student. I worked part time this summer, and the only thing those wages will cover is my books. College tuition went up almost 50% since I started four years ago. Where is my money going?! The college professors are complaining they aren't paid enough while climbing into brand new volkswagens, or bmw's. I don't have money to spend on fabric that's $15 a yard, because that $15 dollars just heated the practice rooms in the music department I attend. I'm using my mother's 35 year old White, and yes, some of my fabric came from wal-mart, or Jo-Ann's. Some of it I have no idea where it came from because people gave it to me.

This is something like what I wanted to do with the purple fabric. I've been buying remnants for sanshing and binding... but I don't know where it got off to either.

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