Monday, August 25, 2008

hearts and gizzards

spent the weekend with my grandparents and parents at the Crook Farm Country Fair. We had excellent weather, thank God. I was gifted with a bag full of fabric to add to my stash, which included two half completed quilts. One is a double irish chain in mauvy pinks, the other is a hand pieced hearts and gizzards with a white packground and a wide variety of pre 1970's calicos. Some look to be from the 1930/40's. There's five rows of completed blocks that, when stitched together, will be in the neighborhood of 45" wide. I think the pattern says the quilt should be 70"x90"... 98"... I was never very good with numbers.

The weaving shop was set up for the weekend, and the Bradford area spinners and weavers were set up. I think the name of their guild is Enchanted Mountain. I wasn't there last year, but aparently the Bradford area quilters had been set up and they decided not to this year, my best guess is for reasons of foul weather last year. At least the weavers had a permanent structure around them, the quilters were probably in a tent on the lawn.

Today is the first day of class. This time next year I won't be here.

I hope.

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