Wednesday, February 29, 2012

spring break, deux

with the help of Jinny Beyer's "The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns", I did some more work on the sampler. Had I done a little more traveling across the United States, I would lack for no shortage of blocks with state names, roads, and other assorted locations and things of historical importance. Alas that my travels across the States have been limited. Alas that there are few blocks having to do with anywhere international

because none of my layouts would be complete with out Lydia 's approval

I ended up doing a lot of small piece work with no particular pattern to help make up deficits in size between the pieced sections. The bobbin is for scale purposes. Jinny Beyer was incredibly helpful in providing some piecing ideas - the coral and pink squares in the right photograph were taken from a larger block. 

Something I hadn't thought about was the semaphore alphabet - flags used, for maritime purposes, to send messages. Each flag represents a letter of the alphabet, but alone has some other attached meaning. In Erie, Pa, on the Bayfront, is the Erie Convention Center. It's a lovely facility, with a hotel build next-door, and they are connected by a skywalk. The sign at the front of the property has ERIE spelled in semaphore flags. 

Sew... if they can do it on the Bayfront, why can't I do it in a quilt and pop my signature in there? Unfortunately, spring break was far too short, and I didn't actually finish this project. I was close, but I had neglected to iron the patchwork as I went, which was an incredible error. It meant that I spent the last night of my stay at home ripping out seams to keep the piece from buckling in places. But, there's always the next visit home. Maybe by then I'll have a sashing picked out.

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