Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Friday! I'm having the oil changed in my car this morning (about 75 miles overdue). I picked up my Singer from the repair shop last week after almost forgetting it was there, and I stopped at a thrift shop a few doors down on the way home.

I love thrift shops.What I need is a "find-a-thrift-shop" app. Concerning is the rising prices at the thrift shops, but I suppose they are feeling the squeeze just like the rest of us. Delightful for quilters unfamiliar with an area is the Quilt Shop Locator from Quilters Club of America and Fons and Porter. Did we mention it is free? On wifi enabled devices it only works where wifi is available, of course, but with a data plan, it works whenever, wherever, as long as there's power. The downside is that the app can only locate stores that have contacted Fons and Porter, AND if you are running a system other than Apple, certain devices remain unsupported. Sorry, KindleFire owners. You can't play in the app sandbox.

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