Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Make-it-Monday: felting sweaters

 Remember that ponytail hat that was accidently felted and now actually fits my head but doesn't cover my ears? My mother suggested that I find a wool sweater, felt it, cut off pieces and stitch them on as ear flaps and viola, I'd still have a hat without sacrificing the hard work I put into it (or having to knit ear flaps and fuss with gauge and felting them, too). So I dropped into my local Goodwill yesterday and discovered two things:

A. Goodwill [okay, some of them, most importantly this one] has implemented a student discount, YAY!
B. November is the worst time to look for wool sweaters!

This was literally the only wool sweater in the place. Which is cool, since the hat is red, and there's red in this sweater. But it's size small. Meh. It will work. But it's still an awful lot of sweater for some ear flaps... So I'm planning on turning it into a bag.

Self looked at it and said, "But that still leaves this goofy hood", and self said, "But you have a Kindle Fire that could use a cute, cozy felted sweater to match the cute, cozy felted sweater bag..." If I still had an iPod, I could make an iPod cozy for some real matchy, matchy, matchy-ness. But no more iPod. :( Sad, sad day. 

I'll be using this as a rough guide for making the bag out of what's left of this tiny, tiny sweater. It's from Women's Day, from 2005, and I'm really liking the leather straps on the solid, red cabled affair kinda in the middle. So now I'm on the lookout for a belt or something. 

Of course I'm hopeless at planning ahead, so I didn't take a picture before I dropped it in the hot water wash with my sheets and towels today. But it's in the toasty dryer with them right now, so maybe it'll get even felty-er... and smaller... one can hope. Which will make for a really tiny bag. Details. 


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eh, maybe fingerless gloves without thumbs either.