Saturday, December 14, 2013

American Family.

We've had rather an epidemic of a childhood virus in the area; I guess it's just a bad year for it. In any case, in an effort to stem the spread of said nuisance virus, a childcare facility I work for has been sterilizing and cleaning toys any time we get wind of a confirmed case in one of our children [at least parents are reporting]. We haven't solved the problem of how to replace any of the soft dolls yet - they dissapeared in the first round of deep cleaning [I'm for going to IKEA and getting a soft toy, and seeing how it holds up in the washing machine with a broad-spec germicide...] Anyway, while you're sending all the toys through a commercial dishwasher, you notice things like the people in the doll house. Especially after a child says "Why mommy have no pants?" About that.
So this week, the kids wanted to know where mommy went. I [okay, a lot of the workers and volunteers] had a problem with mommy not having any pants. Mommy went to the "spa" for the weekend and will be coming back to the fam with some new duds. One of our childcare workers trolls local second hand shops specifically for pieces that go with our dollhouse, so thanks to her, not only is the house fabulously furnished and accessorized with every piece of furniture imaginable, but we also now have the people that go with the doll house. We started out with one childless, single person [I can't remember if it was mom or dad] who was blessed with a spouse, much to the joy of the children, who kept asking where on Earth the actual family was that went with the doll house - not much of a doll house without people, right? And there's no fooling a three/four year old. They know which people go with which toy. And then one day, in a new bag of accessories, there arrived not just Pink baby, not just Blue baby, but their stereotype defying sibling Yellow baby. The family more than doubled over night. Yippie-skippy [surprise, mom]. And then an uncle and cousin showed up, so any interested child has some person [that actually goes with the house!] to play with now. Oh, the stories you hear being made up about the family in that doll house. Priceless.

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