Monday, December 23, 2013

Fastest last minute gift.

A tea wallet. Go. (But not the smartest way of going about doing it.)

Materials: 20x13 piece of fabric. 2 inch bit of quarter inch wide elastic. A button. ( you could also do this with snaps, but I can't find them) 

Sew a quarter inch seam (Not pictured) down the long side of the rectangle. Press seam. 

Fold ends in 1/2 inch; press. Sew closed with quarter inch seam. 

Fold up a pocket on each of the long sides. Pin and sew the ends down. Sew pockets slightly larger than a bag of tea. 

This arrangement should allow for six pockets. Fold as follows:


First fold.

Second fold.

Last fold. This is where you position the button. Stitch down a button. 
Attach elastic on opposite side of wallet on inside of fold.

This is not how I recommend, or when I recommend doing it. I should've done this before the wallet was constructed. Oh well.

Fill with bags of tea for your friend and gift.

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