Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Black Book [Cover]

Thursday night, and the Moogie and I are being decided homebodies. Well, Moo is always a home body, little bugger jumps at her own shadow. Perfect Hobbit Hole dweller, never goes on any adventures or does anything unexpected. I on the other hand...

I made progress with the patio! There were cardboard boxes left over from moving out there, and I knew there was brick paving, I just didn't know how much of it was covered with verge. So I hacked it back with my bare hands, and I rearranged some plant pots to help define the space... and then my legs started to itch. 12 mosquito bites on my left calf, all centered close to the knee. I scurried indoors pretty quickly. The nice part about pushing back the verge was I uncovered some pretty awesome soil chock full of earthworms, so I was able to do a little plant re-potting on the cheap. We love the cheap [not to be confused with The Cheat] right now since our lovely friends at PPS have apparently decided it's a great idea not to hand out any money to some of it's employees until the middle of September. How the school board would like to work for five weeks, not get paid for the duration AND THEN get to wait two weeks or move before being compensated, I'm not sure. They probably wouldn't like it. Just a guess. So it's living on The Cheap.

Made a Little Black Book [Cover] for my Address book this evening while educating myself on how, exactly, the Federation met up with the Borg in the first place. LBB[C] is exactly what I've been mumbling about making for a long time - it has pockets (four total) for stamps (and maybe postcards), a pen pocket in the back, and a strap to keep it closed. I wish I could say I had a plan making this, but I mostly made it up while Riker ran around a Borg Cube with Data and LaForge. I was going to use the ever classic B/W French Toile for the whole project, but I messed up on the cutting dimensions. Too small to use. Plan B: make the whole thing black. Except for the pockets.

what has it got in it's pocketses?

I think my favorite thing about this is the cuppycake fabric. I found it in a scrap box, and the three pieces looked like they wanted to be pockets layered over one another.They weren't very big pieces - all about as wide as the strip across the bottom, so it took a little fussing to get them layered such that the lot of them were spread out as efficiently as possible. The address book itself was a gift from a big when I rushed a sorority. She included the names of all the sisters inside, and their phone numbers. I love that it's a mini ring binder. Being a huge fan of planned redundancy, I back up my iPod and cell phone when I think of it. And now, after I've gone hunting for an address, I don't have very far to look for stamps. Success!

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