Friday, August 12, 2011

pushing daisies

I can't believe this didn't make it on here.

The windup: A couple summers ago, when I was less overworked, and there was more than one quilt show in the summer to attend locally, and my car was cooperating, I went to the Meadville Quilt show and the Westminster (Erie) quilt show. And as a thank you for coming, they both handed out English Paper Piece kits, complete with little bits of fabric. It was an advertisement for a die-cut paper piece company. And since I went to two shows, I got two packets.

Uhh, yes, they are laid out on the grass. Outside. I didn't think I was going to like EPP-  it seemed way too tedious to sit there and stitch those tinsy pieces together, but having done it, I think it's the only thing I would have made, if I'd lived 150 years ago. It's actually been really relaxing. I can take it on the bus and work on it while I'm waiting for someone or thing to start. I'm modeling it after a quilt that my paternal Grandmother owns. It was actually a gift from someone else, not anything anyone in the family made, but all the quilts my grandmother owns were spoken for long before I arrived on the scene.Getting the EPP packets nudged me into making a copy. It's not an exact copy - the origional has flowers with red centers and mix-match petals, solid electric blue sashing and plain white background. Mine will be sashed in a low density sage green calico, with (obviously) coordinated flowers and white print background. I just kept an eye on the remnant bin and grabbed what ever I saw there, so there are four different patterns. A lot of the daisies are made of scrapped fabrics from other projects. In a way, it's a time capsule of almost every project I've made to date. It's also something I made with my mom. She would baste the hexagons to the paper and I'd stitch them together.


Pamela said...

I can't believe you are so far on this and the other"anniversary quilt" project. Will that one be ready for the stated "anniversary":) On another note I am sending the link for something that looks tasty, nuitrious and cheap to make. You are fabolous. Never forget it!

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