Monday, August 29, 2011

not yet dead

School - aka graduate studies - began last Monday, and despite a towering To-Do list and a whopping 4 day migraine, I'm still here. Still kicking. Still twitching at the sight of craftiness that I say, "Oh, geeze, I could do that!", and realizing I haven't got the time to cook, much less be crafty. Even the teeniest little bit.

So, what have I learned this week?

1. My mother is, I suspect, actually Wonder Woman. No kidding this time. I don't know how she managed, but she did, and she always managed to look put together, and make tasty food, and get to work on time despite the daily shenanigans of her children. I fail on all counts, and I don't have kids. I have regressed to eating Ramen simply because it's... simple. Add hot water. Poof. No thinking required.

2. If we could figure out food replicators, the world just might be a better place. Or at least, people wouldn't be hungry.

3. A shuttle bus to one part of the city is not the answer.

4. I've changed my mind about menu planning; how does this work again, and how do i get started?

I also discovered a need to apologize anytime someone comes to the hobbit hole. My work table is a disaster of scraps of paper, novels and bits of fabric and computer nonsense. The desk is equally as bad, but that's because the shelves on the bookcase all fell down, and a massive cleanup has yet to be wholly completed. This is not a mancave with science experiments growing in drinking glasses. It's clean, it's just disorganized... okay, there's cat hair on everything. But besides that, clean. There just happens to be a hamper of unfolded laundry in the middle of the sitting area. All this serves to remind me that I've accomplished nothing thus far today. Grr.

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Pamela said...

You have accomplished writing this blog. That is huge! My blogs aare gathering dust.