Saturday, June 16, 2012

flower fun

I was home over memorial day weekend, and my mom and I had a little too much fun putting together planters. We drove around looking for shade plants with flowers that would grow under the dense foliage covering my patio. And we went nuts with packets of pansy and coleus. I purchassed the Astilbe from Scotland Yards Greenhouse in Edinboro, PA. (We got dad a really neat hosta while we were at it). They have a pretty sweet gift shop in their barn, too, with nice gardening and outdoor accessories. Mom sent me home with dicentra from her own garden. The hosta was a rescued volunteer from the carport at the last house I lived at.

When I first moved to the Big City, I bought a bedframe off a friend who lived semi-locally. It was the top of a bunkbed, but since it got my matress and boxspring off the floor, that's really all I cared about. My bed lived in storage for a year while I was living in the Queen Ann in the East End, and it was set up in my new place, where it's lack of height irked me no end. I got a KURA loft bed from some friends for free, but not having a car with a hatchback, I wouldn't effectivey get rid of the bunkyboard. So I hauled it outside and it sat on my patio until that EUREKA moment when I turned it on it's end, leaned it against a half wall for support and have been using it for hanging baskets.
and I thought I had killed this, but it's still hanging on by it's teeth.

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