Thursday, June 14, 2012


I left my camera at my mom's place memorial day weekend, and I didn't realize how often I use that thing until the third time I called asking if they'd found it yet. Hmm...

I spent some time in the oversized book section at the CLPGH main branch, checking out all seven of the available Kaffee Fassett books on shelf. The sewing machines have covers over them until classes are over, but that doesn't mean I can't figure out what to do with the fabric I've got laying around. And there's a lot of that. Kaffee has his own version of Jane Austin's famous lozenge quilt, and I discovered photocopied patterns I've been looking for, tucked into a binder I forgot about. And I found out the name of the book they came from, 101 nine patch quits, by Marti Michell. Which, if I ever find a copy that's not going for $80 on Amazon, I'll probably buy.

in the meantime, before class started, I got some things finished.

 like this goofy flowerpot. I've seen similar ones that have little birds or dogs or houses or whatever, but there was nothing anywhere else on the mold to suggest that there was anything to put there. So I'm going to leave it.

and the granny square is done! it looks a little awkward with two different sashing fabrics, but i wasn't planning on giving it away anyhow.

also finished is the cheerful child and the sampler!

I took a long arm lesson at the end of May, and can't wait to try it out on an actual quilt, but my summer course work is a little prohibitive in terms of working on anything. Bleh.

Upcoming is a children's book, based on a cat who moves to the city, and has to deal with keys and locks. it's due next week.

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