Tuesday, June 19, 2012

new life

a one-seater chair at my desk is so not going work...

 Moved the dresser back into the house. Initially, there was a skinny wrought iron stand behind the chair, a '20ish pole lamp and a nightstand with a drawer. The area looked cluttered, and I was never really happy with the way it looked, but I felt ambivalent about changing it. The lamp moved to the to the other side of the window next to the desk, and the stand into the bathroom under the sink. I realized after moving the dresser inside again that part of what I hadn't liked about the prior arrangement was that it had been a cluster of dark things, and that I really didn't like looking at the brown back of this dresser.

 one of my more brilliant ideas: screw in cup hooks and hang a tea towel of the Paris Metro with clips.

Two of the four drawers are still serviceable, so I put knobs back on them. For now, the larger drawer holds a few pair of flat shoes and my bicycle helmet. I don't remember what's in the top most drawer... probably sunscreen and bug spray. For the most part, the dresser is still in good shape after having sat outside in several rainstorms under a PVC shower curtain. There is an area of warping along the side in the plywood,  visible in the picture below, but it's not terrible. The only thing that needs to be done is the cutting of the MDF for the shelves, and I can store shoes in the bottom and other accessories in the top, like my bike helmet, winter hats and et ceteras. I had no compunction painting this piece, since it was lower-quality in the first place.

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