Saturday, December 8, 2012

oh, my stars!

Taking a quick break out of the finals madness to do something "fun", aside from watching a silly [Simon's] cat video on YouTube.
Go. Watch. Simon's. Cat. [End plug.]

Silently off task 90% of the time over here was paying a little more attention to the origami stars a class mate was producing out of tootsie roll wrappers than the class discussion, and wondering a] how they were made and b] what they were called. They weren't even shiny, and my mind was wandering to the plaited Starburst wrapper chain I had at home, begging to be turned into stars instead. Starburst Stars, because that's completely awesome, and had everything to do with class, because we were talking about tangible rewards in the form of candy. A total no-no now a days. And we're back on task...

Typing in "four pointed star" into a search engine wasn't getting me anywhere, but surprise, "ninja star" garnered some results. From papercrafty are the instructions on how to make a shruiken like the one pictured above, which is a modular type of origami, requiring more than one piece of paper - two, in this case, and the length of the paper has to be twice the width for this to work, so it helps to fold down one of the long sides of the Starburst wrapper and then fold it in half. Let's not talk about how many packets of consumed Starburst are represented here. Suffice to say that it's a lot for one adult to eat alone, and it's a fair representation of the three varieties that they currently make; Original, Tropical and Sweet Fiesta, all of which feature a slightly different wrapper color depending on the flavor of the candy

I have a totally tiny tree, 2 foot max, and this garland so festively draped over my keyboard was almost long enough to make it from top to bottom, but I'm not going to lie, while I've always really liked the star garlands from Ten Thousand Villages... I just never liked the colors. The end game for all the stars I make will be to purpose them into a star garland. I will be sure to post some pictures of the star garland when I've located some green perle cotton to string them up with.

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