Sunday, December 30, 2012

the tee-shirts strike back.

just when you thought it was safe to open the closet... something jumps out at you. I found a wagamama* tee shirt at the Goodwill on the Southside - and I was going to trade the Ruby Slipper tee with wagamama, until I realized I had lost the whole quilt somewhere in my apartment. Alas. Somewhere in the madness of Christmas, I discovered the quilt again and what appears to be enough stabilized tee-shirts to accommodate another row for the quilt. Haven't figured out the particulars though. 

*wagamama is a Japanese/pan asian restaurant from Europe beginning to make inroads in America; there is a location in New York City, and there should be one now in Washington D.C. We ate at one in a London suburb our first night abroad. 


AmandaJoy said...

Argh! They have not yet opened the Wagamama in DC. We walk by it in Chinatown every time I'm down there and it's very frustrating. They own the location and the logo is up, it just doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. I don't believe there's one in NYC either, sadly.

There are, however, three in the Boston area. Why Boston gets three and the rest of the country get shafted, I'll never know...

misso stitches said...

3 in Boston?! that's crap!