Wednesday, January 30, 2013

confessions of a test writer...

I'm half convinced that by the time my student teaching block is over, this blog will be taken over by the crazy things I've done in the first grade. Or I will have to start a blog about the crazy things I do in my classroom... Digressing. 

This week, I had a Barbie deposited on the keyboard of my laptop during recess, her elbow obviously dislocated, and the ... erm, mother of said Barbie looking obviously distressed while another girl insisted that we would have to find the super glue. [I gave myself a nursemaid's elbow as a two year old...]
Superglue is for sissies. And for bad cuts [Unless you're me, and you're told it's three stitches for the end of your finger, but that's another story] and I popped that elbow back into place, and sent them off. 

I have a 3/4 hand written and drawn life cycles test sitting next to me of which I am immensely proud - I can't decide if the tree life cycle will be pictorial with labels or if it will be sentences that they have to fill in. Not that I couldn't draw it, but there's already a lot of "label this, please" on this test. Decisions, decisions... 

So, I'm taking a time out, thinking about the gentry grey socks I left in my teacher bag at school with the super cute picot trim that I started last night. I was going to try picot with a 2x2 rib knit to see if the two would agree with each other or not - it's Paton's Kroy sock yarn. I'll use MAry's basic sock pattern from Ravelry as a basic guide. I've never used Kroy before, and I'm super excited because of the fiber content blend being wool/nylon, because I've heard they really don't require terribly special wash handling, they're warm like wool without the itch, and best of all will not felt. Not that I think the intended recipient a fool, but wool is ... yeah. Insert what ever nasty word you deem fit. Because just when you thought you were safe, out of the wash comes a sweater fitted for a sock puppet. 

If this is week 5, that means my placement is 1/3 of the way over. The student teaching part isn't freaking me out; [k, maybe like, day 2 and 3, and the day of my 1st formal observation] its the finding a job amongst the hoard of other unemployed teachers that's freaking me out. 

Still no batteries, so no pictures of the socks, or the test illustrations, or the tulips, or the new beans I picked up for class, because the old ones were fermenting [yep - holy intense nitrogen smell, Batman] Will rectify this by the weekend! - I love the first grade, really, I do. But I love words like rectify, hydroponic, supercilious, nonplussed, intense and contused. If only my brain came with a vocabulary off switch. 

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