Monday, January 28, 2013

pysanke soup for the student teacher's soul

I haven't cleared this with anyone yet... I'm not even sure anyone even knows what a pysanke is.

But I have some. And I'm a broke graduate student.... I think you know where this is going. I sold some at church a few years ago...

I eat dinner and watch an episode of some tv show on Netflix, and I usually light a candle and scatter some wax on an egg while I'm at it - 45 minutes of down time, I'm not wasting my down time. I just mixed up the last of my dyes - this year it will be Scarlet, Pumpkin, Yellow, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Brown and Black. (I could make Browns and Steelers eggs again...). I wish I had a green, no such luck.

In any case, my goal was to take the eggs that I have and try to sell a few this year. I've got about four in the works, simple ones. I usually don't start the complicated ones until later in the season, after I've had a chance to get the feel for the kistka back, after it's collected dust for a year. But with everything that's going on, I'll probably have to stick to the easy ones.

randomly discovered that an egg that started in a turquoise dye bath dropped in brown will come out sort of a lilac purple. That only white one, in the right front corner of the egg carton is now lilac purple. I was going for turquoise and brown. So much for that.

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