Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new chapter

Tomorrow is the beginning of my student teaching experience. It's 15 weeks long, and is going to require a lot of time and energy. It's the culmination of three semesters and a summer of hard work. I will not say I'm terrified, but I'm certainly apprehensive at this point. First day jitters - I never thought I'd be doing this.

I left the pieces of Sarah's gypsy throw at my parent's house, as well as five other finished tops. Mum said she'd bring Sarah with her at commencement, and I could resume work on her then - I only hope I remember where at my parent's house I stashed the fabric. The Flower Garden and Kaleidoscope are rolled up and tucked away in the top of a closet. Can't touch them until I'm done, either.

it's only 15 weeks. Time to channel my creative energy into other avenues.


smkyqtzxtl said...

the gypsy fabric is in the dresser drawer. if student teaching is fifteen weeks, does this mean you have fourteen left now as I am posting this the Sat after your first day?
you will do just fine!

smkyqtzxtl said...
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smkyqtzxtl said...

posted the same comment twice, sorry.

misso stitches said...

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a full week or not; it was 22 and a half hours though. only five hundred some odd left to go.