Monday, March 11, 2013

leprechaun traps and the like, or why first grade is fabulous

I totally forgot that when I was in 1st grade, we came back from [art? gym? music? library?] and found our room in an uproar. With little green feet all over our desks, chairs, and the chalkboard - which itself was green. Miss Roberts [for this was my first grade teacher, lo these many years ago, we won't say how many] dropped what ever it was she was carrying, and I was smart enough to know that what ever happened, she wasn't behind it. Our reading specialist, whose name escapes me, but it started with an H, was behind the shenanigans. We couldn't get the feet off the board for weeks. After that... St. Patrick's day was a non-issue. I can't remember kindergarten  But I remember the little green feet on the desks and board, and that Miss Roberts could not get them off.

Maybe it's because this is my first go round, things still have that "oh boy we get to ..." glow about them. I almost want to make rainbow cupcakes for Friday, inspired by this leprechaun trap cake. [but they will be graphing that charming breakfast cereal, and no doubt noshing on it, so I hesitate]. 

I never used to care about wearing green [Or I'd be obtuse and wear orange]. But I know I have a green dress burning a hole in the door of my closet. And I have these burning questions on my mind - does it fit? Do I have shoes that match? What about a sweater?! 

For math, the students are going to be, as mentioned, sorting and graphing charm cereal. Miss Honey and I have a writing activity planned. I'm trolling for a crafty activity for them to do. Our goal is for them to earn the fun activities as a class, by spelling "St. Patrick's Day on the board. They didn't do so well today earning letters, so I'm hoping that tomorrow they will step it up a bit. 

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