Thursday, June 6, 2013

you are not alone in this

My grandfather's burial will be the weekend of the 21st. My mother and I had a conversation about things that had happened, or didn't, over the Easter holiday when he passed, and about the repercussions of loss. How when you lose something important, subsequent losses are magnified. Neither of us have talked about dealing with grief because mom hasn't been dealing and I wasn't talking. "Not until the end of the school year - push through it- nothing is going to stop for this." We talked about that. I am my mother's daughter, but I am not my mother. We talked about transitioning out of the end of school, saying goodbye to people, major life events and grief impacting those things.

And how we are not the same person. About that. We are not condemned to repeat the actions of our parents. How awesome is that.

Things on my end are beginning to hit their stride. Now that her school year is over, she's going to be letting this can of worms work itself out. At least, I hope she will; we're not the same person, after all.

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