Tuesday, January 28, 2014

deux par deux


Not sure why I've got this burning desire to make, make, make. I've got two quilts at binding stage, a small wall hanging that is being quilted as I can get to it and now more tops. Forgive the awful lighting in my apartment - I run into the problem of light and space very quickly. This one is done except for the border and is hanging in the closet. The one below was listed as "experienced" and has been the biggest pain to put together that when I finally got the braid assembled I put it away before I threw it out from frustration - the rest should be a piece of cake.

We're currently locked in a low pressure that brought along some frigid cold temperatures. An infographic from NOAA listed this region as HOTH, and I heartily agree with them. If only we had tauntauns. I have the day off, but since it's so cold and everything is canceled [and I have a sinus infection] is it worth going out? No, not likely. Even though I could really use some cough drops, OJ and chicken soup. Okay, and a fabric run. Which really tells me that a day of rest was a good thing. I should probably just stay home and fold socks.

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