Saturday, January 25, 2014

You're so square [I don't care]

Found kollage's square knitting needles at Tuesday Morning for half off retail, and while I wasn't sold on the idea of square needles, not having to use double pointeds to knit in the round for a small project had a certain appeal. That said, they took getting used to. Not the squareness, the size. Not having to hunt for the left over DPN to start knitting the project is amazing. What is taking getting used to is trying to knit anything with decreased stitches. There's something about maneuvering the needle that just doesn't quite make it when it's that short. Really liking the larger, no twist circular. The cable connecting the needles doesn't twist or kink up. At. All. It's not as smooth to slid work over but it's not caught all the time. Sold.

So... what am I working on? Miss Susie's reading mitts by Susie Roger. Find them on Ravelry

Also this other beastie, a cowl for a friend that I'm making up as I go. It will have picot trim when it's done.

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