Thursday, August 13, 2015

Row by row... by Row 8...?

At this point I have completely lost track of what row I'm on, or that is to say, have collected, without looking in the binder. The coin purse/ closed shop, extra shop/ minus a shop put my mental count off - and I do get that the mental math should be easy to figure out, but I can't remember how many places I stopped at in the first place. So... I'ma go with this is number 8. 

Anyway. Saturday on the way to a memorial service I picked up another row (8?) at Bee Happy Quilt shop in Union City. My dad almost drove by the place because he said all it looked like was used cars. How he missed the quilt patches every where on the signage, I will never know and my frenetic and insistent 'turn now, turn now'...
Dad: 'But it's not here'
Me: 'don't you see the quilt patches every where!?'
Dad: 'this isn't a quilt shop its a used car lot.'
Mom (in the back seat): 'that's because you can't see the signs, dear.'
Dad(who still thinks he knows): 'but it's a used car--'
After we've pulled in and there was slight grumbling from grumpus, Dad says: 'Oh. Well, I guess they do have a sign and a quilt out front. But it still looks like a used car lot.'

I guess this says two things, about quilters and this shop. 

Also, all I'm asking for is a  little trust. That's all. Just a little trust that when I say stop the car, there's no argument concerning my apparent level of reason and intelligence. 

Anyway. Picked up the row and snapped a picture of the quilt out front. 

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